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Azure monitor vs oms

Azure Monitor, Azure Security Center, Network Watcher). Besides providing log analytics that help you collect, analyze, and act upon performance, and log data generated by applications and servers you're monitoring, OMS provides automation and control through Azure Automation, security and compliance through antimalware and auditing, and disaster recovery protection through Azure Backup and Azure Log Analytics is an analysis service that enables IT administrators to gain deep insight across on-premises and cloud environments. Before we can set up the integration from SCOM to our OMS we will need to create a Operations Management Suite (OMS) Workspace. Click on Add a Computer/Group as shown in the following figure. Abstract: Log Analytics (OMS) is an Azure based service which gives you real time operational intelligence and Visualization from your Windows and Linux servers. eg. Ask Question items i'd like to monitor DTU. Azure Monitor is focused on the Cloud, so If you need a preconfigured knowledge base for Windows and the full suite of Microsoft Applications, then you will need to look We are moving to OMS in a big way. if you’re already in the OMS portal then those pieces are in place and you can start to shape the platform to what you want. Surface Hub Monitoring with OMS/Azure Log AnalyticsIn "Azure". Rights to use System Center 2016 Operations Manager. This created a lot of frustration since it’s not straight forward to understand the new licensing model, and which model is suitable for the customer. Azure Backup . I did not want to manually install the OMS agent on all of these servers especially since the Azure Stack fabric is a set of known servers. Azure Monitor and Log Analytics. Can be  Feb 7, 2019 Microsoft deprecated OMS as of January 2019, moving all functionality into the Azure portal. 0 and Splunk Cloud a score of 8. This can be done from Control Panel –> Microsoft Monitoring Agent Properties –> Azure Log Analytics (OMS) Finally, the Azure Log Analytics (OMS) Workspace needs to be configured to collect The Azure Monitor Add-On for Splunk offers near real-time access to metric and log data from all of your Azure resources. I would collect only the few events needed from our Domain Controller and send to OMS. If you have been following along with this series, you will know that some of the solutions found in OMS, are now being brought into other monitoring services (i. Key metrics to monitor Azure. Click on Create, which will finish the application registration within a moment. In this series of blog posts, we will show you how to get started with Microsoft Operations Management Suite (OMS) so that you can protect your heterogeneous environments, respond proactively to changing business needs and simplify IT management – all from a single portal with no infrastructure to maintain. You can perform the same operations that you are doing in OMS in Azure as well. Azure Monitor The OMS portal for the Azure public cloud has been officially retired. Here’s the job output in Azure Automation: and also in Log Analytics (you’ll need to wait few minutes after the runbook job): Once we can confirm these PowerShell script outputs got landed in Log Analytics, we can easily create Azure Monitor alerts based on custom search queries. Why is OMS so cool? After driving a horse cart for many years, driving a car is a totally awesome experience! But seriously, OMS extends SCOM to a whole new level. For my demo, I am using a Windows 2012R2 server, so I will be making use of the x64 agent. Azure: Manage Linux Computers with OMS Agent for Linux OMS offers a way to quickly drop in cloud-based monitoring to Linux servers anywhere. We're going to take a look  Login to your Hosted Grafana instance (go to your instances page in your profile): https://grafana. This is a big step towards meeting requirements of customers with established OMS tools for any data movement activity. 0, respectively) or their user satisfaction rating (94% vs. If youe're still confused and unsure when to use which, hopefully the quick summary below can help you out: In particular there is often confusion between two services, Azure Monitor and Log Analytics (part of the OMS suite). Create OMS Workspace and give SCCM Application permission. Getting Started with Azure Log Analytics (OMS) - Query, Visualize, and Alert (AZ-100,70-533) Microsoft OMS (Operations Management Suite) is an IT management solution designed to allow you to gain control over any hybrid cloud. OMS has allowed us to monitor them and keep an eye on everything from service issues to security. Monitoring Azure VPN access with Azure OMS February 19, 2018 February 18, 2018 Jordan Helton Azure A routine part of my job is receiving inquiries about solving business problems. Azure Monitor allows you to collect granular performance and utilization data, activity and diagnostics logs, and notifications from your Azure resources in a consistent manner. It has an OMS solution that displays statistics and links to launch the Azure portal for any operations. If you are an old SCOM admin you can still use your existing SCOM server to monitor the workloads and integration with OMS will really help because by using the speed and efficiency of OMS in collecting, storing, and analyzing data from Operations Manager. We’re going to take a look at these two services and when you would use them. Azure Monitor is the platform service that provides a single source for monitoring Azure resources. ARA customers have repeatedly asked for a way to monitor and visualize performance counters of the VMs in their ARA deployment. I have an Ubuntu 14. Keeping things on the free tier Your individual machines can talk to OMS straight through the MMA. Measure count() now returns all the distinct values for the given field. Mar 7, 2018 In particular there is often confusion between two services, Azure Monitor and Log Analytics (part of the OMS suite). Data pipeline monitoring is available using OMS tools in addition to the Azure portal. Below is a screenshot of the Azure Web Apps Analytics OMS solution used to gain insight into an Azure web app/s. It supports an extended library of expressions and functions that can be used in the JSON string value. Compare Microsoft Azure vs Splunk Cloud What is better Microsoft Azure or Splunk Cloud? If you need to have a quick way to decide which IT Management Software product is better, our proprietary method gives Microsoft Azure a score of 9. There are two types of monitoring agents used for Azure virtual machine: Microsoft Monitoring Agent (MMA) and Operation Management Suite (OMS). Azure Monitor exposes 3 main types of data: 1) Metrics – these are typically performance metrics 2) Diagnostic Logs – logs generated by a resource 3) Activity Logs – who did what and when in the Using the new Microsoft OMS to monitor Active Directory Health from Azure Microsoft Operations Management Suite, which runs in Azure, can check the health of on-premises Active Directory, including replication health. OMS is an Azure cloud service, rather than a tool you need to install in your own servers. We have SCOM running on premise and are considering OMS to monitor our cloud workloads. Microsoft today announced the launch of a new type of compute-intensive virtual machine (VM) instances for its Azure public cloud, along with a public preview for a new cloud infrastructure Azure Monitor is a platform service that provides data routing and access for Azure resources. I wrote up this comparison to highlight the key capabilities and differences in each. After setting up SQL Server auditing as described above, the Azure Log Analytics (OMS) agent should be configured to send logs to a Workspace. So if you see/read any references to Azure Log Analytics, it is referring to the same technology. Microsoft was recently announced as the leader in Cloud for PaaS, IaaS and SaaS by Gartner in their recent report. About Log AnalyticsThe Microsoft Operations Management Suite (OMS) takes IT management solutions to the cloud and gives you greater control and new capabilities across your hybrid cloud. But in Azure Log Analytics it is shown as "Not Connected" and if i click on connect "Error". In this second blog post, I’ll be talking about the monitoring possibilities with Microsoft OMS. "Manage Azure or AWS, Windows Server or Linux, VMware or OpenStack Monitor. - [Instructor] Let's take a few minutes to review…the Azure Security Center…and Operations Management Suite, or OMS. "Gain control over any hybrid cloud," the OMS Web site states. This preview solution supports up to 150,000 Azure SQL Databases and 5,000 SQL Elastic Pools. Azure Monitor is Microsoft Azure’s built-in pipeline for searching, archiving, and routing your monitoring data, providing a single path for getting Azure data into Splunk. We're going to take a look at these two services and when you would use them. 1) Instead of using the Security Solution Pack, which is waaay too expensive due to the amount of events begin send. Let’s start by taking a look at what these services actually do. tagged azure oms or ask your High Level Steps to Create a Syslog Server for Azure OMS (Log Analytics) This post is a gathering of TechNet articles and 3rd party blog posts that my college John Dandelis followed to create a linux Syslog server in order to monitor network devices on Operations Management Suite (OMS). azure. Azure Security Center (ASC) is (and will become) the main location for all things Security in Azure. Microsoft can't really make this more difficult then it already is. Azure Monitor is the inbuilt monitoring service for all Azure resources. Azure Monitor collects monitoring telemetry from a variety of on-premises and Azure sources. Cross-Blog: How to Create Azure Monitor Alerts for Non-Compliant Azure Microsoft Azure Monitor. Azure Monitor brings visibility to what happens on your infrastructure so that you can implement the right policies to safeguard the smooth operation of your business. Aug 8, 2016 For example, it would monitor SQL and use current expertise to advise you At this time, Azure Log Analytics (OMS) is not a replacement for  Sep 27, 2018 If machines are discovered, the Microsoft Monitoring Agent and the Related. We want to use these to send log analytics data back to our Azure Log Analytics (part of the Container Monitoring Solution). If you were still in the Azure portal, then you need to set your storage, resource group, pricing tier, etc. Well, Azure Monitor is the synonym for a collection of monitoring tools in Azure like Application Insights. To monitor their Azure environment, there are a number of solutions users can deploy. Service Descriptions. …The Azure Security Center will Azure OMS - Introduction - Azure OMS Introduction - Azure Online Training, Cloud computing, Introduction, Deployment Method in CLOUD, Why AZURE?, AZURE, AWS Certification, Networks in Cloud, Vierutal Public Cloud, Virtual Network (VNET) , Signup Azure , Configure VNET, VNET Using Azure Cli, Azure Computer Services, VM Using Azure Portal - Config, VM Using Azure Cli, VM Using Azure PowerShell The Microsoft Operations Management Suite (OMS), previously known as Azure Operational Insights, is a software as a service platform that allows an administrator to manage on-premises and cloud IT assets from one console. com Azure monitoring solutions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. You can do this by just following these steps: From the Operations Manager console, you need to navigate to Administration -> Operations Management Suite -> Connection. Azure Monitor Data Source For Grafana. The activity log tracks subscription-level events that occur from within your account. com/orgs/<yourUserName>/instances/ and the Azure Monitor  Jan 8, 2019 Grafana is an open source, data visualization and monitoring The functionality of the OMS portal has been moved into the Azure portal. A customer wants to move their core OS monitoring off of SCOM and over to OMS or another Azure-based solution. Hi all, At Ignite, Microsoft announced many news about OMS, including an new way to purchase OMS Log analytics. Contact Cased Dimensions to know more. Azure Monitor –platform-level service for routing of logs Log Analytics –log search, alerting, and analysis (solutions) on top of data from Azure Monitor Application Insights –application-level logging and analysis Network Watcher –network performance monitoring Storage Analytics –collect logs and metrics for storage accounts Microsoft Targets Amazon with Operations Management Suite. ; Assign permissions for the registered app on the OMS workspace ^. At first glance, the Azure Monitor dashboard is a little overwhelming—There’s a lot going on. …You would have seen me access it once…in the lesson where we talked about encrypting Azure VMs. As an example, here you can review AppDynamics and Microsoft Azure for their overall score (8. Following-up on my last month’s Linkedin Digest , I am staring a new Azure Operations Management Suite Blog Series. . But it seems like there is no such product anymore called OMS. If you've configured the monitoring  Sep 18, 2018 It also allows us to respond to events using Azure Monitor alerts. 99%, respectively). Which networking - server monitoring software? SCOM/OMS vs Nagios/OP5. This article covers the user experience with a Preview release of Linux server management using Microsoft Operations Management Suite (OMS). Azure always had inbuilt monitoring support for resources (with metrics, alerts and logs) and it was accessible from the context of each resource in the portal. OMS example use case for monitoring Azure PaaS: I wanted to monitor my Azure Stack environment with OMS. Both solutions help users overcome the key challenges outlined above but both are also very different than each other. Backup and restore critical data. …We use the Azure Security Center for prevention…and detection of issues within our Azure environment. Aug 16, 2018 Monitor Data Factory pipelines using Azure Monitor and Log Monitor Azure Data Factory with Operations Management Suite (OMS) (docs)  Apr 21, 2019 OMS! Application Insights! Azure Monitor! Azure Monitor Logs! The thing is, there is a lot of history on Azure, and logging itself has gone  May 23, 2018 Introduction to Azure Monitor, Azure Application Insights and Azure Log Analytics (aka OMS) with some example dashboards. Gaurav Malhotra joins Scott Hanselman to discuss Azure Data Factory (ADF) integration with Azure Monitor, which enables you to route your data factory metrics to Azure Monitor and Log Analytics. This is my last post in this series where we have been talking about the Operational Management Suite (OMS) within Azure Government and how it can make customers feel safe & secure. Below is a walkthrough of installing the Log Analytics plugin in a new Grafana install. With the Network Performance Monitor solution, you can monitor Yep, you read that right, there’s a new query language coming to Microsoft’s OMS Log Analytics service! Hot off the press is the news that there’s going to be a new and significantly enhanced query language and underlying engine for OMS Log Analytics, called Kusto (at least for now). Microsoft Operations Management Suite (OMS) enables organisations to gain insight and control with Service Management, Security Orchestration and IT Operations across Azure, Hybrid Cloud and on-premises data centre. So using OMS is nothing but a logical decision. Open the Azure portal, go to Log Analytics (OMS) Introduction. Thoughts on Azure, OMS & SCOM A blog about Azure, OMS and SCOM in all it(s) dimensions. Monitor SCOM agents via OMS ^ To monitor a SCOM agent via OMS, you do not need to install the OMS agent. Not only is the configuration straight forward, but provides more than enough information to monitor the ADFS environment. Application Insights, Monitor and Log Analytics are the services currently available on Azure for application and infrastructure monitoring. An extremely simple how-to on connecting your Office365 tenancy to OMS and Azure! Be aware, this is still a public preview feature and as mentioned at the beginning don’t use this in critical scenarios. Azure Environment Setup — Check; Azure Operational Insights Created — Check (see post here) OMS Workspace Created — Check (see post here) Monitor On-Premise Servers — See below . OMS can manage any instance of cloud or on premise infrastructure directly from cloud, including your datacenter, Azure, AWS, Windows Server, Linux, VMware, and OpenStack, at a lower cost than competitive solutions available in the market. You can manage and protect Microsoft Azure or AWS, Windows Server or Linux, VMware or OpenStack with the cost 3. The service aggregates and stores this telemetry in a log data store that’s optimized for cost and performance. Azure Monitor, Log Analytics, Application Insights and other OMS components, and can all be viewed in the Azure portal. what is missing on my VM? March 4, 2015 May 4, 2016 SCOM and OMS Answers Back to Basics, Console Administration #SCOManswers, Back to Basics, Rule vs Monitor, SCOM Administration This is probably the most frequently asked question by new SCOM administrators once I mention that there IS a difference between an alert generated by a monitor and an alert generated by a rule. Conclusion. AzureRM Diagnostic data and OMS Log Analytics - Monitoring across subscriptions. Is OMS seen to be a total replacement for SCOM on premise? or is it more of a complementary product? Can anybody send me a link to a page which explains the differences, pros and cons of each solution? Thanks, This allows you leverage the opportunities of OMS while continuing to use Operations Manager. AppInsights vs Azure Monitor vs OMS. Read more: SCOM of the Earth: Replacing Systems Center Operations Manager with Azure Monitor - A Guide . There are many IT Management Software products out there these days. Monitors certain SCOM tasks can be performed by a rule or a monitor. Application Insights is an extensible Application Performance Management (APM) service for web developers on multiple platforms and can be used to monitor your live web application - it will automatically detect performance anomalies. Skip navigation Sign in. Toggle navigation Network Performance Monitor in OMS This document describes how to set-up and use the Network Performance Monitor solution in OMS, which helps you monitor the performance of your networks-in near real-time-to detect and locate network performance bottlenecks. We're going to take a look  Oct 18, 2018 Azure Monitor, which previously was the recommended core infrastructure monitoring tool in Azure for collecting, visualizing, analyzing and  Azure Monitor provides infrastructure metrics and logs for services in Microsoft Azure. Let’s get started with first looking at what OMS Gateway is, a bit of History, why was it built, and capabilities. The Microsoft Operations Management Suite (OMS) provides simplified IT management for any enterprise, extending System Center capabilities on-premises to any cloud, anywhere, anytime. Similar to how Azure Monitor is the central starting point for monitoring toolsets, Azure Security Center will become more and more the central hub for security. On an almost daily basis I work with Azure, OMS & System Center related After comparing SCOM 2016, OMS and Azure AD Connect Health, the clear winner is Azure AD Connect Health. Note: the SCOM Management Group can be integrated with Log Analytics (shows as OMS in the SCOM console). Note that for millions of records and many thousands of distinct values in a given field, this type of query might take a long time and time out, but should work for all the ‘reasonable’ scenarios. The best way to find out which service fits your needs best is to evaluate them side by side. Even your document links to Azure Monitor, which has been upgraded with some of the previous OMS functionality. Azure Monitor maximizes the availability and performance of your applications by delivering a comprehensive solution for collecting, analyzing, and acting on telemetry from your cloud and on-premises environments. Bridging the Gap How these set of monitoring services connect together to bridge gap between Application, Infrastructure and Platform. It helps you understand how your applications are performing and proactively How Azure Monitor works. Rules vs. Management tools, such as those in Azure Security Center and Azure Automation, also push log data to Azure Monitor. The Grafana documentation can be found here if you are looking for more details or how to add the plugin to a different platform. This will allow us to use the Azure AD app to connect SCCM to the Operations Management Suite. And voila, in Microsoft Azure, the data is filled as well. Azure Log Analytics REST API Skip to main content . For those already using Microsoft technologies to monitor their IT elements, is OMS the same as the Microsoft System Center Suite? Is OMS a replacement for Microsoft System Center? 5 Top Questions about SCOM + OMS Systems Center, Azure Monitor, and OMS share a subset of monitoring capabilities - for example, there is a System Center Management Pack for Azure - but they diverge as well. OMS can do a lot. Download the agent on your machine, and begin the installer. 6 for overall quality and performance. Microsoft is rapidly adding solutions to Log Analytics (OMS) so it can eventually Azure Monitor is a platform capability for monitoring your Azure resources. Verify that the OMS agent is running in your cluster. Manage and protect Azure or AWS, Windows Server or Linux, VMware or OpenStack with a cost-effective, all-in-one cloud IT management solution Create, monitor, manage and deploy resources in your hybrid cloud environments while reducing errors and boosting efficiency to help lower your operational costs. When you first open Azure Monitor, you’re initially dropped into the activity log. Microsoft is radically simplifying cloud dev and ops in first-of-its-kind Azure Preview portal at portal. We will now create the OMS workspace and provide the Azure AD App permissions to access the Operations Management Suite. Creating the OMS Workspace in Microsoft Azure. In this post, Aidan will show you two ways to deploy Azure Log Analytics (OMS) monitoring to Azure virtual machine, and to some of the services running on those machines. Allow outgoing traffic from the SCOM console, SCOM management server(s), monitor agent(s) to the OMS services. Hello everyone, this is Pavithra Thiruvengadam from the Azure RemoteApp team. Below is a screenshot of Azure Storage Analytics OMS solution from the Azure Marketplace used to monitor and gain insight into Azure storage. Apr 29, 2016 OMS integrates into existing Microsoft System Center environments and components, such as System Center Operations Manager (SCOM),  Microsoft Operations Management Suite (OMS) enables organisations to gain insight and control with Service Management, Security Orchestration and IT  Jul 31, 2018 This blog discusses several Azure Serverless monitoring services analytics tools like OMS, Azure Security Center, and Application Insights. My Summary · Log Analytics – Easy to use, has the graphs management will love, and its security solutions are a huge differentiator Learn about Azure Monitor and Log Analytics, Azure Monitor and Log Analytics (part of the OMS suite). This would include only the Azure Stack fabric servers and the host. The OMS portal for Azure US Government cloud was officially retired on May 15, 2019. With OMS dashboards, we can control events, visualize log searches, and  Dec 13, 2016 Are System Center Operations Manager and Microsoft Operations Management competing enterprise monitoring products or can they  Dec 4, 2017 Application Insights, Monitor and Log Analytics are the services currently available on Azure for application and infrastructure monitoring. e. But we understand changes are difficult and can be disruptive Hi. Learn more about why OMS and the new Azure  Jan 17, 2019 The OMS portal has retired for the Azure commercial cloud on January 15, My name is Leon Laude and I work as a system consultant in the  Mar 9, 2018 In particular, there is often confusion between two services: Azure Monitor and Log Analytics (part of the OMS suite). Whether you run Linux or Windows on Azure, you will want to monitor certain basic VM-level metrics to make sure that your servers and services are healthy. In order to monitor our Kubernetes cluster in AKS, we need to deploy a container of the microsoft/oms image onto each node in our system. Evgeny Ternovsky joins Scott Hanselman to talk about Azure Log Analytics and its upgraded search platform, including a dedicated query experience and a powerful new query language. Between, Azure Security Centre, Azure Monitor & OMS, there is so much overlap that it is getting difficult to understand where to configure your alerts on. 9. This is contributing to people thinking that OMS is still SCOM in the cloud, or that they are both doing the same thing. So what is the difference between Azure and OMS Portal. In this section, we will examine two of these solutions — Microsoft Azure Monitor and the ELK Stack. Azure Monitor Dashboard. 04 setup in a POC environment and i've installed the Azure OMS agent on the device but it keeps getting socket bind exceptions and it can't connect to the Azure Monitor service. We are excited to move to the Azure portal and expect the transition to be easy. If you missed my first blog post ‘System Center 2016 Operations Manager and Beyond Part 1’, then click here to read it. In the previous posts we focused on the Azure Backup, The solution gallery of OMS currently have the following solution available. To consolidate and streamline the monitoring and management  Jan 25, 2019 Overview of Microsoft services and functionalities that contribute to a complete monitoring strategy for your Azure services and applications. And with the move to the cloud (Azure, for instance), it’s good to get a deeper and better understanding of how it works. I have a Linux VM with omsagent running, that is shown as "Connected" in OMS Portal. Everything from write The Azure OMS portal gives your IT organization the ability to monitor and manage your enterprise from the cloud down rather than from your datacenter up, and provides accessibility for the IT team through computers, tablets, and even smartphones! By automating builds and server configurations you can decrease costs while increasing efficiency. Azure Monitor vs SCOM: Next steps to prepare for better monitoring. We have been using SCOM but we have hundreds of servers that aren't always on and in various Azure regions. Finally, OMS Gateway is now GA! In this post, we will look at Installing OMS Gateway, and configuring OMS Agents to use the OMS Gateway. …Let's focus on prevention first. Already Have our Collectors forward all its events to OMS. The idea of Azure Monitor (at least for us) is to server as a unique sinkhole for all logs and telemetry data across multiple resources, so we can easily detect,  Log analytics allows you to monitor and analyze the availability and For questions or more info on OMS or anything Azure related, click the link below or  Aug 29, 2017 Systems Center, Azure Monitor, and OMS share a subset of monitoring capabilities - for example, there is a System Center Management Pack  Nov 2, 2018 Use the Azure CLI to quickly enable Log Analytics in Azure Monitor to handle all the logging and monitoring needs of your AKS cluster. It would be nice if the document said so. Add the Azure Monitor Plugin. I am writing to let you know that Operational Management Suite (OMS) or OpsInsight is supported with the Azure RemoteApp (ARA) service. Leveraging OMS Network performance monitor to detect network loss Posted by Marius Sandbu August 17, 2016 in Uncategorized So a new interesting feature came up in my workspace (Network performance monitor) which allows us to monitor network performance between different endpoints. Azure users can spin up general-purpose Windows or Linux (Ubuntu) VMs, as well as machine images for applications such as SQL Server or Oracle. And it's not just for managing Azure; it works with any instance in Amazon Web Services and other clouds, managing Windows Server, Linux, VMware and OpenStack. OMS Log Analytics enables you to monitor across multiple Azure subscriptions, resources and elastic pools and more importantly lets you identify issues at each layer of your application stack. 9 vs. Aidan explains a bit of the history of how System Center Advisor (SCA) has evolved into Azure Log Analytics (OMS). We want to monitor hp servers, cisco switches, cisco aps, win os (hyper V), win databases. Deploy a DaemonSet with the microsoft/oms image. It enables you to interact with real-time and historical machine data to rapidly develop custom insights, and provides Microsoft and community-developed patterns for analyzing data. Learn more about their capabilities and core differences. Feb 17, 2019 Analyze your logs and other monitoring data in Azure Monitor and (OMS) was a bundling of the following Azure management services for  Jun 10, 2019 The OMS portal for the Azure public cloud has been officially retired. Right now, one of the biggest asks from my customers are ways to efficiently maintain, monitor, and manage their Azure Functions… Today things have definitely moved towards Azure and web tests are still available in Azure Monitor. It's been a great tool and we're going full bore on it. Azure Functions is a great solution for building cloud-based “serverless” functions that run small and effiecient pieces of code to fill a wide array of automation / develpoment tasks. OMS is more suitable for hybrid environment. ^ $15 per node* Delivered from Azure, Operations Management Suite (OMS) enables you to gain visibility and control with comprehensive operations management and security across your on-premises datacenter, Azure, and other clouds. I haven’t played around a lot with web tests, but I liked the approach / idea from the moment I read about it. *Operations Management Suite (OMS) As Originally Documented* In that Doc you mention OMS. For monitoring cloud-based resources and setting up powerful automated alerts and actions to handle potential challenges, Azure Monitor is the more robust option. Although there is a big Using the Azure Log Analytics (OMS) and the SCOM on Same Machine 07/09/2016 To use the Log Analytics, former Operational Insights, together with System Center Operations Manager you can do this by SCOM itself console. These can be used to connect to Azure Log Analytics workspace and sound interchangeably. SCCM will use this registered app to communicate with Azure resources, so you will need to assign permissions for it on the resource group within which the OMS workspace exists. I have two business cases where this would make really sense. azure monitor vs oms

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