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eZERO has built its foundation On 20 Years of Experience in the Auto Industry

eZERO has built its foundation on 20 years of experience in the automotive and logistics industry in Mexico and international markets with focus on niche automobile distribution. eZERO has been established due to the growing significance of urban freight transport and logistics because of the increased and still increasing population in urban areas such as Mexico City.









Our Goal

To introduce new services, technology and 100% electric logistics vehicles in order to transform urban last mile logistics. eZERO‘s future vision is to become a leading EV vehicle manufacturer specializing on urban last mile logistics solutions. Staying ahead of current market regulations and technological advances in battery technology and telematics is our key focus to be a niche provider starting in Latin America.









The Result

The result is a rising demand for freight transport and Mobility. Furthermore, as urban freight transport deals primarily with the distribution of goods at the user end of the supply chain, many deliveries tend to be made in small loads and in frequent trips, thus resulting in many vehicle kilometers. These developments seriously affect the environment of cities in terms of pollution, noise and CO2 emissions. eZERO 100% electric logistics vehicles will ease the stress of urban last mile and offer fleet customers a green solution with very high rates of ROI compared to ICE vehicles.


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The Next Generation of 100% Electric Urban Logistics Solutions

Our mision:

To Improve the efficiency of urban freight transportation using 100% electric vehicles

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