100% Electric
Fleet Solutions

Compact all-electric utility vehicles for urban logistics and urban services. Go Green with your fleet using eZERO Vehicles.



High Speed, High Range




High Speed, Medium Range




High Speed, High Range


High Speed, High Range

Revolutionize Your Workforce
With eZERO Vehicles

Innovative solutions in logistics have started to transform the way goods are being delivered, especially in the last mile. eZERO is established with the aim of maximizing just in time urban delivery efficiency and reducing corporations overall carbon footprint using the latest 100% Electric Logistics vehicles and technology

The Next Generation of 100% Electric Urban Logistics Solutions

Advantages of eZERO


European Quality

European Design, Quality and European Certified Products


Latest Technology

High Range, High Speed using the latest Lithium Battery Technologies


2 Year Warranty

Extended Warranty options, 24/7 After Sales Support, Parts and Training


High ROI

Save up to 80% compared to ICE vehicles in the same class


Finance & Leasing

Take advantage of our short term finance and leasing solutions


Charging Solutions

eZERO offers a full line of latest smart charging solutions for Fleets

Leasing & Financing

Coming Soon

Our mision:

To Improve the efficiency of urban freight transportation using 100% electric vehicles

Fleet Management

The Latest Telematics Technology, Live Track Your Fleets

eZERO vehicles will soon be equipped with the latest telematics and live tracking cloud based technology to easily manage your fletes thus increasing your ROI.

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