The compact All-electric Utility Vehicle For Urban Logistics And – Urban services

Metro is the most practical and energy efficient
multipurpose All-Electric Compact commercial utility vehicle on the market

Since its inception, our Metro designers, the world renowned German automobile engineering firm Magna Steyr, focused on a design that would combine high efficiency, practicality, and safety in a stylish, feature rich utility vehicle. Its standard features far exceed fully optioned versions from its competitors yet is as sturdy as they come. The Metro’s electric powertrain provides best-in-class range and performance in a nearly maintenance free vehicle. With multiple cargo bed configuration options, superior performance and exceptional urban range, Metro meets the diverse needs of enterprises of all kinds.


The Metro’s durability and dependability far exceeds our end users’ needs and expectations which means it will be on the job at all times.The lightweight and sturdy body design give the Metro its superior power and superb power-to-weight ratio that yields exceptional payload capacity and performance. With a sturdy steel chassis and a corrosion resistant body, the Metro will deliver. Rigorously crash tested to meet or exceed European standards, the Metro can be deployed day after day with confidence.


The Metro’s components and design were repeatedly tested, refined, and retested in computer simulations and real world crash tests. The Metro is equipped with four-wheel disc brakes which provide consistent braking and the shortest braking distance of any production NEV/LSV/CUV. The Metro’s battery pack, located at the bottom of the vehicle, makes the center of gravity lower than any other similar trucks in its class. This low center of gravity reduces the risk of rollover during emergency maneuvers. The unique steel reinforced cabin structure helps prevent deformation of the passenger compartment in the event of a collision.


The Metro designers added additional frame reinforcement points in various critical locations, optimizing stability and giving it predictable road handling. During an unforeseen impact, the impact energy is reduced and evenly distributed in Metro’s longitudinal and transverse steel beams, keeping footwell damage to a minimum.


The Metro comes with a built-in intelligence which features an advanced self diagnostics system. This integrated system manages the CAN bus vehicle operating system and the battery management system which automatically detects defective components. The integrated system can automatically isolate internal issues, and notify the operator to prevent sudden failure. The advanced State of Charge (SOC) algorithms featured in the Metro’s battery management system gives the operator a precise range calculation, thus reducing operator’s range anxiety. The Metro can be equipped with state of the art telematics for vehicle tracking and vehicle monitoring to collect vehicle uptime performance data. This feature can efficiently help fleet operators reduce downtime by performing manufacturers’ suggested maintenance in advance to prevent equipment failure.

Low Cost Maintenance

The Metro’s low-cost maintenance and operation cost can be 1/6 of the expense compared to other vehicles in its class.The Metro drivetrain is very simple. It has no transmission, engine, cooling system or fuel system, which means it does not require coolant, engine oil and transmission fluid to service nor filters and belts to replace. Along with its low-cost operational savings, the Metro’s modular system design provides ease of access and simplifies maintenance, repair and component replacement time.

New Material

The Metro’s body panels are made of ABS polymer. ABS polymer has a much higher melting point than PLA plastic. ABS polymer is also stronger and harder. Because of these particular features, ABS is widely used for a variety of products ranging from car bumpers and motorcycle helmets to golf clubs and Lego blocks. This material alone gives the Metro advantages over other vehicles superior safety, durability, fatigue resistance, and corrosion resistance. Not only does ABS reduce weight, but it also saves material cost and handling.

Drive System

eZERO has developed the Metro’s proprietary high efficiency heavy-duty drive system. These components include the drive motor, motor controller, gearbox, battery management system and vehicle management system. Our proprietary system can be customized and tailored to our customers’ needs such as longer range, higher or lower speed limits, and additional payload capacity.


From its first concept, the Metro was designed by Magna Styer’s German engineers with a proprietary frame and suspension system. With its unique transverse rear suspension, precise shock calibration and progressive wound springs, the Metro’s ride are smooth, giving the operator confidence and sure-footed handling in all driving conditions. Even though the Metro is small and lightweight, it handles with high confidence once you are behind the steering wheel. The Metro is equipped with standard electric power steering and four-wheel disk brakes.


The Metro’s frame is engineered to be lightweight with high lateral, longitudinal and torsional stiffness. It has reinforced structural features in critical areas to protect both of the passengers from injury and the batteries from damaging. The Metro’s crash test results exceed the stringent European Safety Standards and the crash testing requirements. The chassis is designed to accommodate a variety of payload with up-fits ranging from the basic flat bed to a refrigerated cargo box or even a parking lot sweeper.

Ready to Work, Day in and Day out

Electric Power Steering

Stylish 14″Alloy Wheels

Durable light-weight steel chassis

German engineering, American innovation

Hands free phone and backup camera

AM FM USB Bluetooth stereo

Standard Features

  • 12-volt Power Outlet

  • AM FM Bluetooth USB Stereo

  • Cabin Heater

  • Central Locking System

  • Cup Holder

  • Dome Light

  • Electrical Power Steering

  • Ignition Key

  • Locking Cabin Doors

  • Onboard Diagnostics

  • Overhead Console Storage

  • Passenger Side Mirror

  • Passenger Vanity Mirror

  • Power Brakes

  • Rear View Camera

  • Rubber Floor Mat

  • Seat with Headrest

  • Sun Visors

  • Windshield Defroster

  • Windshield Wiper

Optional Features

  • Electric Dump Bed

  • Emergency Caution Light Package

  • Extended Life and Range with Lithium Battery Pack

  • Extended Range Battery Packs

  • Exterior Work Lights

  • Law Enforcement/Security Package

  • Navigation

  • Refrigerated Cargo Box

  • Reverse Buzzer

  • Telematics

Color Options

Cargo Options


  • Dimensions: 3700 x 1400 x 1905 mm
  • Payload Capacity*: 500 kg
  • Cargo Volume:3.5 m³
  • Max Speed: 85 km/h
  • Range: 200 km
  • Turning Radius: 4000 mm
  • Gradeability: 20%
  • Acceleration: 0-30 km/h in under 6s
  • Braking Distance: 40-0 km/h in 7.5 m
  • Battery Type: Lithium

  • Operating Voltage: 72 VDC

  • Nominal Power: 10 kW

  • Peak Power: 24 kW

  • Battery Type: 2WD Rear

  • Front Suspension: Leaf Spring Independent

  • Rear Suspension: Transverse Coil-over Shock Independent

  • Brakes: Four Wheel Disc

  • Tires: 175/65R14 Radial

  • Bodywork: Reinforced ABS

Leasing & Financing

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